Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A New Companion and an Investigator at Church

The past couple of weeks we didn't get much of an email from Stetson as his companion and trainer was preparing to finish his mission and return home. So this weeks was a little better. However he always sends such great pictures I can never complain. He's never been one to grumble or complain and you will see he just seems to take it all in stride. Love and miss him but of course no place I'd rather have him. Enjoy...

Hello Clayton Family! So this week hasn't been much change, but a few! So Elder Erwin went home and now My companion is Elder Randall. He is from Mesa Arizona. He is pretty cool, and I am showing him around Sabinas. It has been kind of a challenge to get this area going but we have a solid investigator, she came to church on Sunday and last Saturday was her birthday! We had a bbq with her family and that was way sick. We fixed the bikes up so now we get everywhere faster. The pedal kept falling off the one bike and I had to fix it every 5 minutes. but its all good now. We have zone conference coming up this week which we are excited for, an Area Presidency will be there. Other than that, all is well down here in Sabinas Hidalgo! We ate pancakes today for lunch and washed clothes by hand. Life doesn't get better than that! Love and miss you all!! 
Elder Clayton

He also replied to my weekly email, I will include that as well.

hello mom!! sounds like a good week on sider drive! Yeah so Elder Erwin went home Wednesday and I picked up my new comp in Monterrey! Elder Randall, he is from Arizona and is way cool. I will tell you more in the week letter. it has been raining here a lot too. there was some kind of storm off the coast of Mexico and it came through here and rained pretty hard. I am glad Caleb is the teachers quorum president. that is so cool! oh and packages take about 3 weeks to get here I guess. Sooner here than Honduras. I miss all of you guys, but I know I am out here to help these people. It is hard at times, but its all good. we had our investigator show up to church. It was probably the first investigator to come in 24 weeks or so. because there hasn't been missionaries up here for a while. love you so much mom! 

He is doing so well.  Even when you can see that times can be a little tough, he never gets too down.  Thank you so much for your continued prayers and thoughts in his behalf.  As always, it is very much felt and appreciated by us, but especially by that dear Elder!

New companion:  Elder Randall

Finally an investigator after 24 weeks. This is awesome!

Stetson and a tractor no explanation sent. Wish there was one. I guess we could have fun making one up!

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  1. He sounds great Tam! I love the pics! Especially the one where he's pointing to Honduras.