Caught on the Streets of Monterrey

Caught on the Streets of Monterrey
Watching...always Watching!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Answering a Girl's Prayer & Playing in the Rain

Stetson is so good at writing back to whomever writes him.  Each week we get a family email, but also I get a personal one, too.  I am including my letter to him and his reply.  I always miss him, but some weeks are worse than others.  This week for some reason seemed particularly hard for some reason.  Maybe it's because it's his three month mark, I'm not sure.  But, I missed little things, his coming in and telling me he loves me, the sound of his pulling his emergency break on his car, or his YAY, as he charges up the stairs from his morning shower.  Mostly I just miss his big smile.  I am ever so grateful he sends pictures each week.  I have said more than once, I can't be too sad when I see the pictures he sends.  He beams!  His smiles is so contagious and it still melts my heart, just like it did whenever he was in trouble.  You never could get too mad at him with that smile.  So, here you go enjoy.  I know that this week will bring changes his way as his companion will return home and a new comp and maybe even a new area.  It will be fun to go and attend Elder Erwin's homecoming.  To see the Elder who was just with Stetson is always a treat.  Enjoy, and as always, thank you for following his journey...

Well, as you are reading this, Caleb is back to school.  A freshman.  Big man on campus at South Davis Jr. High.  I think he is excited.  I am hoping he wrote you an email.  He seemed like he was a little anxious and yet ready to go.  It's hard with me working, so being home and having not much to do going to school is good for him.  He is excited about Seminary, especially since returning from Quest.  He has been diligently reading the Book of Mormon and writing in a journal.  I'm so proud of him, he is turning into a great young man.  He spoke in church today as the youth speaker and wrote his talk by himself.  Which was very impressive.  He talked of service and read from Mosiah 2:17.  Perfect scripture for that subject.  Bridger also spoke today in the 7th ward on marriage, which was an interesting subject for him.  I'm hoping with him starting school this week things will settle down for him.  Wow, he is needing some new friends and things.  His job schedule changed and he is working 6:00 am. - 12:00 and I think it's going to be better for him, but for now I'm hoping he figures things out and finds that SLCC is a good school and things will be just fine.  I am encouraging him to listen to good music and put things in this mind that are uplifting.  I think coming from me he gets upset sometimes, so if you could just drop him an email and encourage him and let him know you love him and what he is doing is a good thing he would appreciate it.  Even though you are the younger one, he looks up to you so much.  Thanks pal.

I have to tell you.  I LOVE your pictures.  I show them to everyone.  I love your smile.  You look so happy.  You radiate what a true, happy missionary should be.  My aunt Vickie's sister, Debbie said to me that you should be the poster kid for missionaries.  I hope all is well.  I pray that people are listening to you.  That perhaps they see that smile of yours and the radiance of that smile is something they want to know more about.  I love that you are working hard.  I am sure that you are, looks like you are eating well.  I showed the picture of the taco like thing you were eating to the Brother Calquin and he said it looked yummy.  He is such a great guy and said to tell you hello.  As well, as Riley Johnson.  We sent his mom a card with some $$$ in it for his mission.  He sent a really nice thank you back and said to make sure we said hello and that what a great friend you were to him.  I'm so proud of the example you were to so many.  Thanks son, for always being such a great kid. 

I am finishing the package and will get it on it's way.  So, if there is anything else you need.  I had to wait for the Mary Kay stuff to get here, but it did and I will send you four tubes of it now and in your Christmas package.  Just try and wash your face as often as you can, the humidity makes it hard, but you'll be just fine. 

I did get a new calling today, Young Women's.  Didn't last too long without a calling.  1 week!  I am excited.  I love YW's.  I've been in Primary almost the entire time I was in this ward with the exception of a 6 month missionary calling.  So, we will see how that goes.  Only bummer is it's one week too late as they just returned from girl's camp at Lake Powell.  Dang!  Oh well, may be they will go again.

I guess I will let you go and hope that you have time to write and let us know all that is happening in Monterrey.  I love you and pray for you everyday.  Many times.!!!  You are a great son, and missionary.  Be safe, be obedient, prayerful and as always...follow the rules.

I love you and miss you.  MOM

Love you mom! What a great letter! Sounds like everyone is doing well. Caleb is awesome for giving a talk and talking about service. you should get him a preach my gospel. service is the quickest way to someones heart. I think school will settle Bridger down and keep him busy. Just tell him from me to keep up on his emails from his professors and always do his work. he should be fine but I am just looking out for him. The pictures looked fun for the walk for Gavin. We have such a strong family. families are different here, people aren't faithful to their spouse and it is sad., two active families have been kind of ruined because of this in our area. they had an affair or something. and it is such a small town everyone knows. ask Bridger what Chizmus is. Mexicans love talking. thanks for everything and thanks for the package. I may not get it for a while but it is all good! Good things come to those who wait. 

And here is his weekly email of what's happening in Hildalgo:

Hello everyone! This week was a good week, we went into Monterrey last week twice and will go twice this week. The bus rides are relaxing except when people are in your seat and you have to stand for 2 hours! but its all good. On Tuesday we had district meeting an after we got ice cream! That was the highlight of that day haha. not much happened wed and Thursday. on Saturday it was Elder Erwins 2 year mark! We had a pretty awesome lesson with a girl and she has been praying to know the right church., Boom we answered her prayers. She actually works at a tool shop and we went in to buy some tire patches and started talking to her and she invited us back. she is actually reading and she is awesome. After that, we went to get some campechanas for Elder Erwin! They are soo good. It is beef and spicy pork, and we got come coke at oxxo to drink. a mexican meal for sure. Then sunday we had stake conference and it was broadcast to us, and 10 people showed up haha. Lots of work for us! but we are loving it. Sounds like everyone is doing well. The walk for Gavin looked awesome and sounds like both Caleb and Bridger did a great job on their talks. love you all. Love from Sabinas Hidalgo! 
Elder Clayton

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